Kristen Hartman writes fictional romance novels.  The stories take place along the beautiful beaches of the East Coast including Newport Rhode Island, Miami, and the Islands of Sanibel & Captiva where she has lived and vacationed.


A new author has hit the literary world! What a great book! I didn't want it to end. I wanted to read more. I felt as though I was there on the island. The love scenes are so sensual, they took my breath away. I felt like I was 30 again. It is very well written. I can't wait to read the next one. Good Luck Kristen, I am so very proud of you my Daughter.
All my Love, Mom

A romantic vacation adventure. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and the detailed descriptions of their beautiful surroundings on the Florida Gulf. The story was engaging with several plots unfolding simultaneously. The action, drama and romance were all intertwined perfectly. As I was reading- during a cold New England snowstorm, I found myself longing for a "frozen", a lounge chair, and a sunset over Captiva. Great book.

I loved this book and couldn't put it down! It’s has something for everyone: romance, action and intrigue, all under the backdrop of beautiful Captiva Island. It was a great read. I hope Ms. Hartman brings back these characters in future books as I really connected with them. I highly recommend this book.
K. Farrell

A definite must read for the summer...move this one to the top of your to read lists. The action, romance and "spice" are a never ending thrill for reader. The creative writing make you feel as if you are part of the book, and the characters will bring you back to a time that was new for all of us!! The mystery and action are great. I couldn't put the book down! I hope to read more from this talented author in the future.

I cannot express how much I loved this book. I don't typically read that much but when I started this book I could not put it down. This is an easy read. I loved all the characters and drama going on in the book. I cannot wait to keep reading this series. This book made me feel like I was involved in the characters lives and I don't want to ruin the story but at the end I was like wait what happens next with their life I wanted to be apart of it. Kristen keep writing because at this pace I will fly through these books, great job :)
Kerry Robinson

Wow... I was recommended this book by a family member.. and I thank godfor it.. after reading so many of the "SAME" books I couldn't distinguish between them... then I pick up Three Sunrises... I loooooooved it... Rafe was to die for.... and the action was great! I can't wait for Mike's story... I'm on to signs of fate now!!! Great job Kristen you EARNED ANOTHER FAN!
Jillian C.

I must admit I bought this book solely because of it's location on Sanibel and Captiva Islands (my favorite vacation destination), and it ended up being the best book I've read in a long time! A great summer/vacation/beach read, especially for anyone who loves these islands as I do. The author's descriptions bring you right back to the places we've all been on Sanibel & Captiva. I was thrilled to see that there is a second book in the series (Signs of Fate)...can't wait to start reading that one!
C. Hull

This review is from: The Three Sunrises (The Island Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Loved the characters and their relationships!
The banter between them was enjoyable and makes you smile while reading. Great sex too!!
Staycie Heath

This review is from: The Three Sunrises (Paperback)
Great summer read, easy fast fun. Great characters, tantalizing subject matter similar to "50 shades". Down to earth natural
feel, wish I could have lived their adventures!
Nurse Ratchet

This review is from: The Three Sunrises (Paperback)
This book was recommended to me, by a friend, as I had just finished a "great" read (50 Shades of Grey, Trilogy), so, where do you go after reading those books? Right? So, I thought I would give this one a try. What a great book! Great story and you get swept away in the romance and thrill of the characters. When I finished, I wanted more. I can only hope that we see another great story from this author! Thank you Lynn G., for the awesome recommendation. (Lisa Janty, Connecticut)
L. Ganty

This review is from: The Three Sunrises (The Island Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I saw books by this author while on vacation on Sanibel Island, so I ordered it for my Kindle. I'm not going to tell you that this will be a New York Times Best Seller, but I'm enjoying it! It's fun to read about all of the places that I just visited! This is a good beach read!
S. Lytle

This review is from: The Three Sunrises (Paperback)
The Three Sunrises by Kristen Hartman is a must read! The setting, on Sanibel and Captiva Islands, creates a backdrop for a steamy, romantic, intriguing, adventurous story line! I fell in love with the characters immediately, never wanting to put it down! I am having a hard time finding something nearly as entertaining and exciting to read! Can't wait for Book #2!
Lynnie  G

This review is from: The Three Sunrises (The Island Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
After finishing the Shades of Gray trilogy, I was looking for my next book to read. I am a voracious reader, easily reading 2-3 books per week. The Three Sunrises was recommended to me by a friend, and since it was available on my Kindle (the only way to go in my opinion!) I ordered it. This is the PERFECT vacation read. It is fast moving and you get to know the characters quickly. This story has it all...some spicy romances, a crime fighter, drug smuggling, a sun-shiney locale and some laugh out loud moments! I read this book in a marathon reading session...I couldn't put it down. I started at about 8pm on a Saturday night after my 3 year old went to bed and read until 3 in the morning (not the wisest thing to do when you have a 3 year old). I picked up the book again the following morning and read for another was Mother's Day and I had to meet my mom...I brought my Kindle with me so I could read if I had a chance. I thought of the characters the whole day and couldn't wait to get back to my book. In my mind, I was casting actors & actresses for the movie version! I was sad when the book ended....hopefully there will be a sequel!
Amazon Customer

This review is from: The Only Exception (Island Series) (Kindle Edition)
The Island Series is great and I can't wait for the next one!!!! GREAT JOB KRISTEN HARTMAN!! Her description of the characters and places are amazing.
Pamela Hunt

This review is from: The Only Exception (Island Series) (Kindle Edition)
Like her previous books, Hartman has interwoven the lives & stories of her characters. You can read each book as a stand alone novel but it is better to start at the beginning. Previously, I have fallen in lust with Rafe...and then with I fickle? Or do I just LOVE these book boyfriends? As a reader, Hartman draws you in and you feel like you actually know (and like) her characters. This book did not disappoint...we start by meeting Ryan..a hot MMA fighter and his hotelier lady, Sam. Then we meet the handsome architect and his protege. We visit with previous characters, travel from Florida to New England and back again...we meet some new characters--some savory and some decidedly not. As usual, this book offers some steamy romance, some illegal activities, some angst ridden ladies that are a little flawed which makes her Alpha male heroes all the more yummy. Yes...Yummy. I can't WAIT for book 4!!
Amazon Customer

This review is from: The Only Exception (Island Series) (Kindle Edition)
Fantastic follow up to the first two books in the island series. Kristen knows how to make you feel like you are part of the book- her descriptions are wonderful and the characters and conversations between them are great. I didn't want the book to end! Unlike other trilogy books you aren't left yearning for an ending with these books, and you could read them "out of order" but I'd suggest buying all of them and starting from the beginning. You won't be disappointed!! I can't wait until the fourth one!!
Staycie Heath

This review is from: Signs Of Fate (The Island Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
I heard the second book of The Island Series was available for Kindle downloads. I started reading last night at 7 pm while I was cooking dinner. I finished at 4:15AM...yes..that is correct...I read through the night even though I had to wake up at 5:45AM and have a 4 year old. So now...I am in a book hangover--unable to start a new book because I am still invested in these characters..drooling for the final installment.

Kristen Hartman writes like (I assume) she talks. Her books are a conversation where she recounts the tale as if she is telling you about how she spent her vacation. The difference is, her reader is omnipotent. We are never left guessing how her characters feel because she tells the story from all of the characters' points of view.

Without giving away any of the twist and turns of this novel--and there are a bunch. This one has everything: 2 love stories, one involving a hot FBI guy, one with a hot and funny tattoo guy, some drug running, kidnapping, suicides and even a puppy. In the first book, I really liked Rafe...I pictured him as Maverick from Top Gun. I loved Mike even more. He is described him as a blond GI Joe....kung fu grip (squee!!) ...its no wonder Barbie preferred him to Ken....mine always did anyway. Although the romances are whirlwind, the characters are well developed and you are rooting for them to just get together.

This is a quick read...would be great to read on vacation!! I am kind of sad I read it now...would have LOVED to lose myself in this one while lounging in the sand! Unlike other E books....this was not rife with typos and grammatical errors (thank goodness...since that is distracting!) Book 3 in the fall......cant wait!!
Amazon Customer

This review is from: Signs Of Fate (The Island Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
nice summer read with same cast of characters..........Location of story is inviting Sounds quite prettyand a fun but peaceful place to vacation
Marlene Russell

This review is from: Signs Of Fate (The Island Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
This book was AWESOME!!(just like the 1st one!!) Just loved the first one. Kristen Hartman is such a nice person to talk to, she really appreciates her readers and our opinions. I had not been done with book one for a half hour found her on Facebook and was begging her about the next one! so excited for book 3!!! i will follow her until forever. :)

This review is from: Signs Of Fate (The Island Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Wow! Book one was great and book two was even better!! The characters were described so good and their banter was funny! Great story lines and love scenes!! Can't wait for book three!!!
Staycie Heath

This review is from: Signs Of Fate (The Island Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Another page turner by Hartman. She is the BEST at creating characters you want to be friends with. You want to join in the fun, the danger, and intigue. As with her first Book (The Three Sunrises - which I loved) she weaves several inter-connected plots with these cool characters to create a thrilling, sexy, read-- and as you read through, you always feel something exhilirating is on the next page- and it is. So it's HARD to put down and come back to. Hartman delivers once again with this one. She includes every kind of mystery, mischief & thrill I crave in this genre. I can't wait for the next one in this cool series. It'll be nice to revisit old friends & meet the new one's Hartman has created for me.
Strongly suugest this as a "Must Read."


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