Kristen Hartman writes fictional romance novels.  The stories take place along the beautiful beaches of the East Coast including Newport Rhode Island, Miami, and the Islands of Sanibel & Captiva where she has lived and vacationed.
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This Summer Their Lives Will Change Forever…

He'll Lay It All On The Line....

            John Thompson manages his brother’s exciting UFC career, and sports the sexy sculpted body of an elite fighter himself. And after one incredible weekend with widow Kate Samuels, she knows every hard inch of it. Now, several months later, John is leaving everything behind- his run down ocean front estate, currently being renovated into his summer dream home, his lifelong friends, his tightknit family- everything…to move to Sanibel Island- and be with Kate. He’s tired of her pushing him away, and he’s run out of patience. He’s moving ten states south to tell her as much, but when John finally gets his moment, he just might be too late. Kate’s life has taken a major turn since he’s seen her last, and when John discovers exactly why Kate has been pushing him away, his feelings for her will never be the same…

And A Line Will Be Crossed…

Kara Jacobs is spending her summer in a fabulous ocean front cottage overlooking the Atlantic. She’s been vacationing in Newport, Rhode Island since she was a kid, but never for this long, and never by herself. It’s been a vacation five years in the making, and she intends to enjoy every second of it. Not even the hammering, drilling, and sawing coming from the main house on the large ocean front property can disturb her. She knew about the renovation from the start, and the noise is barely a distraction. It’s the sexy, blue-eyed carpenter who greets her one morning- that is.     
     Gavin O'Conner is soon going to be a father, and he's engaged to be married-because it's the right thing to do, so he has no business checking out the beautiful woman staying in the Thompson Cottage.  He has no business talking to her every morning,seeking her out each afternoon,or dreaming about her each night.  And he certainly has no business falling for her. Fighting himself every step of the way,he does all the above.....
and has to learn to live with himself- and without her.



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The Only Exception              "3rd In The Island Series"

Two Couples, One Story, Bound by Love, Friendship, and Family

Her First and Only Guest Has Arrived - And He’s Not What She Expected...

Sam Peterson has been renovating her modest Sanibel Island resort for the past six months, and one cottage stands ready for her very first guest, her only guest until she can finish the remainder of the resort’s renovations. One man has booked the cottage for the next four weeks, and when he arrives, he’s not at all what Sam had envisioned. Ryan Thompson is hot! Straight off the cover of a men’s fitness magazine, he has ‘Bad Boy’ written all over him- literally. A professional mixed martial arts fighter, with the honed muscles, and sexy scar above his right eye to prove it, Sam doesn’t know whether to be impressed or intimidated- so she’s both, and afraid that she won’t be able to remain professional.

The last thing Ryan expects is for Sam, the proprietor of the Seashell Cottages, to be a beautiful single woman, and a sexy one at that. His attraction is instantaneous, and when he learns that he is the only guest, Ryan hopes training for his up-coming fight won’t be the only thing to occupy his time…

A Present Danger Will Threaten Their Future…

Jason Fuller is flying from Boston to Captiva to do a job for a close family friend, and he’s taking his new employee and fellow architect, Sara Reid, with him; the woman he has fallen head over heels in love with, only she doesn’t know it- yet. In fact, up until a stolen mind bending kiss in his office a few weeks ago, she thought he didn’t even like her; he’d been that effective at hiding his true feelings. But no more- he’s asked Sara along on this trip for one reason, and by the end of it she’ll be crystal clear on how he truly feels about her.

Sara will do anything to avoid her unstable ex and his deadly threats. So when Jason, her boss- the man she’s secretly in love with, tells her they’re flying to Captiva Island for a client, she can’t pack her bags fast enough. Sara finally has a chance to break past the professional demeanor Jason has fought to maintain…umm, except for that one time. But she’s terrified of what he’ll think if he finds out she’s been involved with a drug dealing loser- the subject of an FBI investigation who is now threatening not only her life, but Jason’s as well...

SIGNS OF FATE                     "2ND In The Island Series"


    When Jenna Thompson arrives at The Three Sunrises on Captiva Island, she isn’t expecting to have to share her grandmother’s vacation house. But the fridge is already stocked, and there’s a big black duffel bag in one of the spare rooms. And it all belongs to one man, Special Agent, Mike Caplan. Jenna’s unexpected roommate is larger than life with the size, attitude and damnable good looks to back up the ‘special’. She is entranced at once, but this FBI agent’s cocky and dismissive attitude sets Jenna’s pride and stubbornness in motion. She refuses to let him get under her skin. She’s had it with men! Until, that is, her intended vacation is suddenly swept into a dark and erotic underworld complete with bad men straight out of central casting. Then she suddenly needs Special Agent Mike Caplan—in more ways than one!   
    FBI Special Agent, Mike Caplan is on Captiva Island for two reasons only—to end a year-long investigation and to get some R&R. He’ll seize and arrest a wanted fugitive and then start his well-deserved vacation… simple. Except he un-expectantly meets Jenna Thompson, a gorgeous little spitfire who unwittingly puts his vacation on hold and catapults Mike into yet another investigation with familial ties to the last; it will put both his and Jenna’s lives on the line. And while trying to save an innocent Jenna from the drug entrenched clutches of a Miami nightclub, Mike finds his defenses crumbling. He’s falling fast for the strong, stubborn, and oh so vulnerable Jenna Thompson.

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First in the Island Series
This Is One Vacation Alison and Nicole Won’t Ever Forget…

Best friends Alison and Nicole can’t wait to start their summer vacation on Captiva Island before jumping into the next phases of their lives. But these smart and sexy twentysomethings are about to experience a whole lot more than lazy beach reading. And what happens next could lead to endless pleasure—or pain.

Alison isn’t on vacation even a whole day before she finds herself in a steamy, fast-moving relationship with her dream man: a gorgeous, undercover FBI agent named Rafe McDonough. And Nicole never expects her grandmother to play matchmaker by sending over Ali’s hunky older brother as a surprise. Now, both women must navigate tricky emotional waters as they confront a world that isn’t always as it seems.

For Alison, a burgeoning affair is about to collide with the facts of her lover’s dangerous investigation into a local real-estate magnate. His run-of-the-mill inquest could balloon larger than anyone expects when a suspected tax-cheating scheme warps into a plot involving drugs and illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, Nicole’s long-since buried feelings for Alison’s brother are bubbling to the surface. Bolstered by the fact that Matt no longer sees her as a young girl, Nicki plans to make sure he sees the woman she has become.

Fast-paced and addictive, this savvy romance-thriller set off the Florida coast will have you booking passage to a remarkable land filled with lust, intrigue, and danger… 

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